Shipping and Delivery Term

Shipping fee is determined by the total weight of the order. You can get the shipping fee during the checkout page.
We ONLY ship our product for West Malaysia. We do not provide delivery service for East Malaysia.
All orders will be processed the next or third working day on the day you place an order. Your item will usually be ready for delivery, within 2 working days, you will receive an email with your tracking number.
You will receive it on 3-5 working days for Peninsular. You may check on the delivery status from time to time using the tracking number.
Please ensure that a valid contact telephone number is added to all placed orders, do double check on your details before checking out. As all information given by customers are straight away passed on to the courier company. The courier company may call you in case of any difficulty finding your address. Failure in providing an accurate phone number could result in delay in delivery of your parcel.
Sorry, we do not ship our products overseas now. *Note: If you do not receive the goods within the time period we provided, please contact our customer service to get more information.


运费由订单的总重量决定。 您可以在结帐页面估算运费。
目前来说我们学到只会提供西马来西亚的运送吧了。 对于东马来西亚的运送暂时是没有,请多多见谅。
对于半岛,您将在3至5个工作日内收到。 您可以使用跟踪号码不时检查交付状态。
对不起,我们现在不向海外发货。 *注意:如果您未在我们提供的时间内收到货物,请联系我们的客服以获取更多信息。