常见问题 FAQ

输入了电子邮件和密码后,我不能登入我的账号。为什么会跳回主页面,链接和网站都显示“密码错误”呢? After inserting email address and password, I still could not log in to my account. Why did it jump back to the main page and the link and website state wrong password? 这显示您输入的密码不正确。请您重新输入正确的密码。 This shows that you inserted incorrect password. Kindly insert the correct password. 小提示:您可以查看键盘是否有开着Caps Lock。 Tips: Kindly check if your “Caps Lock” is on. 如果您忘了正确的密码,可以点击“忘记密码”来重置您的密码。 If you forgot your password, you may click on “forget the password” to reset your password.
-请确认您输入全部资料后,才点击”加入购物车“。 -Kindly ensure you have inserted ALL details before clicking “add to cart”
- 请确认您输入资料时,没有填入符号如“%”。 -Kindly avoid using symbols such as “%” while inserting the details.
1)如过还不是会员,请在【学到】官方网站的右上角点击“注册” Click “register” on the upper right hand of the main page, if you are not yet a member. 2)输入相关资料来注册成为【学到】会员 Insert the details to register as Xue Dao member. 3)登入您的账号。 Click “log in” to log into your account. 4)输入登入资料。 Insert the login details. 小提示:如果网站右上角会显示出“登出”,您就成功登入账号了。 Tips: If the upper right corner of the main page showing “log out”, this means you have successfully logged in to your account. 5)点击“线上课程”。 Click “online course” 6)点击“点击报名”。 Click on “click to register”. 7)输入全部资料。 Insert ALL the details. 8)点击“加入购物车“。 Click “add to cart” 9)网站会显示课堂”已被加到购物车“,然后点击“查看购物车”。 Website will show that the course has been added to your cart. Click on “check your cart”. 10)点击“去结算“。 Click “to settle”. 11)输入全部资料。 Insert ALL the details. 12)细读和了解全部规则后,“打勾“表示同意并点击”下单“。 Read and understand ALL the rules. “Tick” the box to agree and click “place an order”. 13)选择付款方式,完成付款,您就成功报名了! -小提示:Touch n Go 是不需要输入电话号码的。 Click on the payment option, make your payment and the registration is complete! -Tips: No need to insert phone number if you select Touch n Go.
1)点击“忘记密码” Click “forget the password” 2)输入您的用户名或电子邮件地址 Insert your username or email address 3)检查您的电子邮件,然后点击链接 Check your email and click on the link sent. 4)链接会带您到【学到】网站,您就可以重置密码了! 小提示:新密码一定要: -长度至少为十二个字符。 -请使用大写和小写字母,数字和符号,例如!。 “?$%^&) It will bring you back to our main page. You can then insert your new password! Tips: Your new password MUST contain at least 12 characters including capital letter, small letter, numbers and symbols, eg. !。 “?$%^&).
1)【学到】会在WhatsApp发给您确认课堂的信息。 Xue Dao will send you a class confirmation message via WhatsApp. 2) 管理员会把您的号码加入相关WhatsApp群组,并在群组里发Zoom链接。 导师会在每个课堂前的星期日傍晚前,在群组发课堂资料。 Admin will add your number into the relevant WhatsApp group and send Zoom links in the group. Tutors will send class notes to the group weekly on Sundays evenings before class. 温馨提醒: Gentle reminder: a)在 “群组描述”,可获得Zoom链接 Go to “group description” to obtain Zoom link b) 想要知道下个课堂的日期?查看群组名字里的日期 Refer to the date at the group’s title for the date of the upcoming class. 3) 要上课时,直接点击蓝色的Zoom链接 来参与课堂 Click on the blue coloured Zoom link 或者Or 到Zoom点击 “Join” Go to Zoom, click “Join” 输入相关资料(Meeting ID和Passcode)来参与课堂 Fill in the details (Meeting ID and Passcode) to join class.